Plan for the week ahead – Before you begin classes on Monday, take a minute to organize your schedule for the week in a planner or notebook. Each day, write out which assignments you will work on, being mindful of due dates and the time it will take to finish each task. Some essays or projects may take you multiple days to complete, so splitting the assignment up into manageable chunks over the course of a couple days will help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control of finishing on time. Make sure assignments that are due at the beginning of the week take priority and be realistic with how much homework you will actually be able to complete each day.

Check your student email every morning –Your professors will send out important information about assignments, due dates and class times that could affect the course of your day that you won’t want to miss out on. If your teacher is changing the requirements for that paper you’re writing, you’ll want to know before you spend the day working on it. Professors will also send out an email if they are going to cancel class for the day, and there’s nothing worse than showing up to your 9am class only to find out you could have slept in.

Find the right bag – Before you buy your school bag, think about how many classes you are taking, how many books you have to carry, and any other items you’ll want to have with you on a daily basis (gym clothes, lunch, laptop, etc.). There’s nothing worse than getting that awesome backpack you wanted only to find out it’s too small for all your stuff. When in doubt, buy something larger than you think you will need, especially when buying online.

Limit distractions – College students are notorious for spending lots of time online. Studies show that the more social media platforms a person has, the quicker and more often they will become distracted. Our best work comes when we give our full attention to something, allowing us to master complicated information faster and produce better results in less time.

Spend five minutes a day cleaning – You will be amazed at how much you can get done in just five minutes. Take a few minutes out of your morning or before you go to bed at night to tidy up your apartment. Keeping your space clean and organized helps your mind to be more calm and at ease, allowing you to spend more time on your school work.