Camille Meeks, MA, LPC, LMHCA

Program Therapist

College is one of the most developmental times of an individual's life. I love the opportunity it provides for young adults to begin to explore more about who they are, their values, their dreams, and step out in independence. I remember my own excitement, anticipation, fears, and hopes as I toured campuses, applied to colleges, was accepted (and rejected) and when I finally landed on my decision. I kept thinking finally, my life can begin! Yet all the planning and anticipation can't prepare someone for the actual lived experience. While there were many incredible moments, there were also times of loneliness, confusion, tears (calculus and chemistry, anyone?), and lots of stress and anxiety. I was thankful for caring adults in my own life who walked alongside during my time in college and who endlessly supported me. It is my greatest honor to be on the other side of my college career and have the opportunity to extend that same support and care to students in the midst of all of these wonderful and scary transitions and times of growth. 

During the summers of 2016 and 2017 I completed an internship through a church in Kansas City, Missouri working with high school students. This internship played a large role in helping me learn that I have a passion for engaging with the emerging and young adult populations. Eventually I landed on the idea of pursuing counseling as a focused way to work with this population. In 2019 I received my Bachelor of Arts from University of Missouri - Kansas City with dual degrees in psychology and Spanish. The following academic year I began the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Wheaton College in Illinois and received my Master of Arts in 2021. I am currently a Nationally Certified Counselor through NBCC and have obtained my associate counseling license in Idaho (LPC) and Washington (LMHCA). Professionally, I have experience in private practice settings working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, and personal, professional, and spiritual development. 


Hobbies: journaling, reading, biking, cooking, getting boba or coffee with friends, and spending time with family, especially my nieces

Books: The Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien, The Knight in Rusty Armor by Robert Fisher, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides 

Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, A Walk to Remember