Academic Support

Our Academic Support team combines more than 20 years of experience in a variety of educational settings. We found that an inability to learn is almost never the reason for a student’s failure in college. Often college students have an ability to learn the subject matter, but struggle with organizational tasks associated with college-level learning. Examples of organizational tasks are: planning enough time for homework, prioritizing upcoming assignments, completing assigned papers on time, balancing the expectations of different professors, and remembering due dates. College puts pressure on students in these areas, and it takes practice to adjust to these new expectations. The good news is that the ability to organize and structure learning can be taught and internalized.

Our approach focuses on a scaffolding method of support. Initially, our team strives to provide adequate support so that students may organize their school work and study habits in a way that is effective and efficient. Throughout the semester, the support is incrementally decreased, and the student takes increased responsibility for his or her own academic organization and structure. Our goal is to teach the skills necessary to allow students to become good self managers. As a student learns to internalize the structure and tools provided, the external structure becomes less necessary.

Primary Areas of Focus

  • Finding the source of past failures and existing learning
  • The every day life factors that distract from school success
  • Having access to an education professional all week, and a strong relationship with the local colleges to access the highest potential of support
  •  A plan individualized for each student and their learning style, instead of fitting all students into the same rigid model

Academic Support starts with the Individual

A journey of a thousand miles… usually starts with a lot of planning! After admission to Northwest College Support we will take time to thoroughly evaluate your educational history, and then set an individualized supportive plan for your success. Even if you’ve set down this path before, our team is dedicated to giving you all the tools so you can see a different result.

How does Educational Coaching Help?

Our educational coaches work one-on-one with students to:

  • Help you organize and manage your time
  • Help you find the right major and create a degree plan
  • Advocates for disability services
  • Help create study plans
  • Sets term-long, week-long goals with you
  • Hold you accountable for your grades
  • Help you find meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Guide you in communication with professors
  • Help organize materials for school
  • Create a plan for breaking down bigger projects
  • Quiz you for tests
  • Edit your papers
  • Listen to your practice presentations
  • Teach note-taking techniques and test-taking strategies
  • Accompany you on tours of schools and programs you are interested in
  • Help you find the right textbooks
  • Guide you in finding the right school, work, and social life balance