Our Education Coaching team includes educational professionals with strong backgrounds and training in general and special education. At Northwest College Support, we find that an inability learn is almost never the reason for a student’s struggles in college. Students at NWCS have the ability to comprehend the subject matter, but struggle with the organizational and executive functioning tasks needed in college. Examples might include: planning enough time for homework, prioritizing upcoming assignments, completing assigned papers on time, balancing the expectations of different professors, and remembering due dates. Collegiate environments put pressure on students in these areas, and it takes practice to adjust to these new expectations. Fortunately, the ability to organize and structure learning can be taught and internalized through educational coaching.

Our approach to educational coaching focuses on a scaffolding support. Initially, a students educational coach provides the level of support the student needs to organize their school work and study habits. As the semester progresses, the support from the educational coach is slowly titrated down, as the student begins to internalize the skills they are learning through educational coaching. The goal of educational coaching is to teach the necessary skills for students to become proficient self-managers of their own education.

Primary Areas of Focus

  • Finding the source of past failures and existing learning
  • The every day life factors that distract from school success
  • Having access to an education professional all week, and a strong relationship with the local colleges to access the highest potential of support
  •  A plan individualized for each student and their learning style, instead of fitting all students into the same rigid model

Educational Coaching at Northwest College Support

​Each student at Northwest College Support meets one-on-one with their educational coach 3-5 times per week. Educational coaches meet with students wherever the student is most receptive to learning new skills- on the college campus, coffee shops, the student’s apartment, or the study lab at NWCS. Each student’s educational coaching plan is completely individualized to focus on the specific areas of support the student needs. As part of the team model at NWCS, the educational coach is in frequent communication with the student’s therapist and life skills coach in order to cohesively help the student meet their goals.

Skills learned through educational coaching:

Our educational coaches work one-on-one with students to:

  • organize and manage time

  • find the right major and create a degree plan

  • advocate for disability services

  • create study plans

  • long-term and short-term goal setting

  • accountability

  • communication with professors

  • organization of materials for school

  • breaking down large assignments and projects into manageable steps

  • study skills and strategies

  • editing skills

  • note-taking techniques and test-taking strategies

  • navigation of college processes such as registration for classes

  • finding the right school, work, and social life balance

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