Why Make Physical Activity a Priority?

Get moving! As a college student life routinely gets extremely hectic and stressful. As assignments pile up, taking care of physical health gets lower on the list of priorities. Quick, cheap, and generally processed foods become saving graces while physical activity... read more

Pets at Northwest College Support?!

At Northwest College Support, we have lots of dogs running around the office, including Bear, our certified therapy dog! Students enrolled in NWCS are also allowed to have pets provided they have demonstrated that they are responsible, and it is appropriate for the... read more

What is the ReSet House?!

Students admitted to Northwest College Support enjoy many adult freedoms, privileges, and responsibilities. At NWCS, it is the goal for students to live as independently as possible so that the students have the best chance at success after they move on from NWCS.... read more

Things I Have Learned Working at NWCS

During my time working as an academic coach at Northwest College Support, it has been my job to teach students the skills needed to navigate post-secondary education and pursue their educational goals. While my students have been the direct recipients of knowledge in... read more

How to Send an Email to Your Professor in 8 Really Easy Steps!

There always comes a point in the school term where it becomes necessary to email your professor. Whether you missed class, are confused about an assignment, or need to reschedule your test, emailing your professor may seem like a simple task, but many students... read more